TSelector problem

Hi all,

I’m having problems using the TSelector via the MakeSelector(…) and Process(…) methods of TTree. My problems is in short that I can not read the events from my tree in my TSelector, I get a segmentation violation and a crash. I include a small set of files to reproduce my problem. It is just to unpack the tar and run the RunIt.cxx script. The selector is the selector given by TTree::MakeSelector() with the line


added in Process(). Without this line I have no crash (since nothing is done;)


example.tar.gz (5.79 KB)


Thanks for reporting this problem (link to use the MakeClass mode and having a collection of objects). This has been fixed in the head of the svn trunk and will be part of the next ROOT release.


PS. To work around the problem, testselector.h replace fChain->SetBranchAddress("traces", &traces_, &b__);with fChain->SetBranchAddress("traces", (void*)&traces_, &b__);and add the line Init(fChain);at the very beginning of testselector::Process.