TSelector not finding all branches?

hi everyone

I’m trying to use TSelector to read the attached root file. However the output of the normal commands of

TFile *f(“test.root”)

only lists two branches in the output test.h:

// List of branches
TBranch *b_EventInfo_p3_McEventInfo; //!
TBranch *b_McEventCollection_p4_GEN_EVENT; //!

and not all the other branches that seem to be inside b_McEventCollection. Is there any way to setup up TSelector so that it will parse all branches in this file?

test.root (1.31 MB)

“CollectionTree->Print();” says there are two branches available:
*Br 0 :EventInfo_p3_McEventInfo : EventInfo_p3 *
*Br 1 :McEventCollection_p4_GEN_EVENT : McEventCollection_p4 *
So, it seems to me that everything’s fine with your “MakeSelector” files.

thanks for the reply!

yes, but if you navigate in TBrowser to inside the McEventCollection, there are other branches (m_GenEvents…) which have the leaves which I want to access (m_eventScale…) Usually when using TSelector I see all the leaves automatically listed in test.h, but in this case they don’t appear?


These are public “Data Members” of the “McEventCollection_p4” class (instances of which are kept in the “McEventCollection_p4_GEN_EVENT” branch):
vector<GenEvent_p4> m_genEvents;
vector<GenVertex_p4> m_genVertices;
vector<GenParticle_p4> m_genParticles;