Trying to write 64bit variable

How do I define a 8byte unsigned integer? I tried ULong64_t, but I could not fill beyond the 32 bit, even though sizeof() tells me I have the full 64bit. See code below.

What is wrong here?

root [14] ULong64_t test3; root [15] cout<< sizeof(test3); 8root [16]test3 = 4294967296; Error: integer literal too large FILE:(tmpfile) LINE:1 *** Interpreter error recovered *** root [17] test3 = 4294967295; (unsigned long long)4294967295 root [18]
It seems to me, that I cannot write the full 64 bit into the variable.


This problem has been reported to Masa


Hello Lutz,

When you assign a constant to long long integer, you need
LL (long long) or ULL (unsigned long long) flags at the end of it.

test3 = 4134812348ULL;

I’ll improve error message for that.

Thank you
Masa Goto