Trying to update virtual machine to a new version of root

I’m using a Linux virtual machine to run a simulation program for Medical physics (Gate), and I’m trying to install another program to complement it and help Gate simulate noble gas scintillators (Nest).

However, it seems like the installation keeps failing because Nest requires Root 6.16 and the virtual machine comes with Root 6.14. I’ve tried updating Root by reinstalling it several times, but when I check what version I am running, it keeps telling me I’m still at 6.14.

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ROOT Version: 6.14
Platform: Ubuntu 18
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi @Apophyx,

How did you reinstalled ROOT (e.g., via a binary package, building from source, etc.)? If you have done it via a package manager, please check the version provided by the remote repository.

Without more information on your side, I can only say that the old ROOT distribution is found first in your PATH environment variable.