Trying to run installed by conda gives an error

MacOS 12.3, Python 3.9.6, conda 4.12.0
Version of root and root_base are those automatically chosen by conda;
root version 6.26.2, build py39ha8c52a1_2, channel conda-forge
root_base version 6.26.2, build py39h2ec9a04_2, channel conda-forge

I don’t think it should be relevant, but Xcode 13.3.1, Build version 13E500a

So if I install root with conda, following the instructions at GitHub - conda-forge/root-feedstock: A conda-smithy repository for root. the installation appears to go fine, but then when I try to run root I get the error;

input_line_1:1:2: error: module 'Darwin' uses additional module map '/Applications/' used when the module was built
#include <new>
input_line_1:1:2: note: imported by module 'std' in '/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/lib/std.pcm'
Warning in cling::IncrementalParser::CheckABICompatibility():
  Failed to extract C++ standard library version.
Warning in cling::IncrementalParser::CheckABICompatibility():
  Possible C++ standard library mismatch, compiled with _LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION '1'
  Extraction of runtime standard library version was: ''
input_line_2:1:2: fatal error: module file '/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/lib/std.pcm' is out of date and needs to be rebuilt
#include "cling/Interpreter/RuntimeUniverse.h"
input_line_2:1:2: note: imported by module 'Cling_Runtime_Extra' in '/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/lib/Cling_Runtime_Extra.pcm'
input_line_2:1:2: note: imported by module 'Cling_Runtime' in '/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/lib/Cling_Runtime.pcm'
Replaced symbol atexit cannot be found in JIT!
Replaced symbol at_quick_exit cannot be found in JIT!
<<< cling interactive line includer >>>: fatal error: module file '/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/lib/Darwin.pcm' is out of date and needs to be rebuilt
Failed to load module Darwin
Failed to load module std
Failed to load module _Builtin_intrinsics
Failed to load module ROOT_Foundation_C
Failed to load module ROOT_Config
Failed to load module ROOT_Rtypes
Failed to load module ROOT_Foundation_Stage1_NoRTTI
Failed to load module Core
Failed to load module Rint
Failed to load module RIO

… loads more modules that failed to load …

Failed to load module ROOTHist
Failed to load module TreePlayer
Failed to load module ROOTGraphicsPrimitives
Failed to load module Gviz
Failed to load module ROOTFitPanelv7
Failed to load module Smatrix
Failed to load module SessionViewer
Failed to load module Thread
Assertion failed: (clingInterp.getMacro("gROOT") && "Couldn't load gROOT macro?"), function RegisterCxxModules, file /tmp/root-feedstock/miniforge3/conda-bld/root_base_1651432578484/work/root-source/core/metacling/src/TCling.cxx, line 1320.

Also, fun facts, if I do root 2>&1 | tee error_message.txt it changes the error message. I didn’t even realise that was possible. Can post the “alternate” error message too if you’re interested.

Frustratingly, this is after trying quite a variety of potential methods to get root working.

Also, if it do which root I get /opt/homebrew/Caskroom/miniconda/base/envs/pyroot/bin/root . I do have the environment pyroot active.

Hi @Day,

As a side comment, we provide official installation instructions using Conda here.

I’m not personally using ROOT on macOS. Maybe the issue rings a bell on @Axel?


It’s a famous issue:


Finally fixed in master; it will be part of the upcoming v6.26/04.

Ooh thank you! I will look out for that.

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