Trying to recreate ROOT+MPI system


I have set up a ROOT install on a cluster system that I want to recreate on my local computer.

I have set up GSL, FFTW, and MPI to use with this, and I use mpic++ to wrap g++ in order to compile. I also have a custom makefile that I use to compile my own libraries.

In trying to recreate this on my home system, I have successfully installed and linked GSL and FFTW with ROOT. I have installed MPI and mpic++ wraps g++. However, I cannot compile my code.

When I compile with g++, it will not recognize mpi.h even if I put it in the same directory (the original directory is already in PATH).

If I compile with mpic++, it acts as if i have passed it code that is written for a different language, or a different compiler version.

Does anyone have experience with using mpic++ to compile with ROOT? I am puzzled about how to get the mpic++ to properly compile the code.