Trying to compile root on Solaris 10 64bit


i’m trying to compile ROOT on Solaris 10 x64.
The configure script ran without any errors (./configure solaris64CC5),
but i get the follwing error from the compiler:

CC -m64 -KPIC -I/usr/openwin/include -library=stlport4 -Iinclude -mt -Icore/pcre/src/pcre-7.8 -D__asm__=asm -D__volatile__= -I. -Icint/cint/inc -o core/base/src/G__Base1.o -c core/base/src/G__Base1.cxx
Signal 11:
while processing core/base/src/G__Base1.cxx at line 23854.

Line 23854 from G__Base1.cxx:

static int G__G__Base1__0_178(G__value* result7, G__CONST char* funcname, struct G__param* libp, int hash) {

CPU: Amd x64
OS: Solaris 10
Compiler: Sun Studio 12.1 (CC 5.10)

Thanks for any help


It looks like you are hitting a memory problem when compiling this file.


Thank you for your answer.
To complete this topic (perhaps somebody will find this via google):

It is a compiler bug.
Obviously it is not possible to compile root with the current Sun Studio Compiler with 64bit (arch: solaris64CC5)
on Solaris 10 x86.
The 32bit version may work, i haven’t tried that, yet.

This error was discussed in the official Oracle Forum: … ID=5746071

The bug report can be found here: … id=6989016

Bad news…