Hi All-

I am trying to use the TRuby class, but am encountering difficulties.

I have followed the installation procedures as defined in the manual with all the appropriate libraries being created. Then, when I follow the demo in the manual, I get this:

root [0] gSystem->Load(“libRuby”);
root [2] TRuby::Exec(“puts 1”);
root [3] TRuby::Exec(“require ‘/usr/local/root/lib/libRuby’”);
root [4] TRuby::Exec(“c1 =”);
uninitialized constant TBrowser

I am using ROOT 5.11/03, CINT 5.16.11, and Ruby 1.8.4. Note also that the reverse direction works: running the ruby code in $ROOTSYS/tutorial works fine.

Thanks in advance,
Doug Applegate


This problem seems quite strange. Is the library loaded correctly?

I will have to reproduce the problem using your settings and get back to you.
I hope I’ll have the needed time in the next few days.


I’m not sure what the problem was either. However, I realized that for what I needed the RubyRoot interface for, I didn’t have to do the interactive session crossover as in the original post. Problem avoided. [Also, since the post, I have switched universities, so I do not have easy access to the computing environment where the problem occured to help you debug it.]

(As a side note, my collaborators and I have put the RubyRoot interface to good use. Thanks for library!)

Doug Applegate