Trouble with 'Hello World' test - XCode problem?

_ROOT Version:6.13/02
_Platform:OSX 10.13.2

After running ROOT for a while I started getting errors and have a feeling it has to do with XCode (XCode 9). Below is an example of the types of errors I have been seeing.

When running the ‘Hello World’ test I get this error:

root [0] gSystem->Load(“Hello”)
(int) 0
root [1] Hello h
(Hello &) Name: Hello Title: animated text with cool wave effect
root [2] .q
Fatal in TObject::Clone: No gDirectory set
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] DefaultErrorHandler(int, bool, char const*, char const*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] ErrorHandler (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TObject::DoError(int, char const*, char const*, __va_list_tag*) const (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TObject::Fatal(char const*, char const*, …) const (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TObject::Clone(char const*) const (no debug info)
[] (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TClingCallFunc::exec(void*, void*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TClingCallFunc::Exec(void*, TInterpreterValue*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TCling::CallFunc_Exec(CallFunc_t*, void*) const (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TQConnection::SendSignal() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] void TQObject::EmitVA<>(char const*, int) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TQObject::Emit(char const*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TPad::Closed() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TPad::Close(char const*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TPad::~TPad() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TCanvas::~TCanvas() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TCanvas::~TCanvas() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TCanvas::~TCanvas() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TCollection::GarbageCollect(TObject*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TList::Delete(char const*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TROOT::EndOfProcessCleanups() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TUnixSystem::Exit(int, bool) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TApplication::Terminate(int) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TRint::Terminate(int) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TApplication::ProcessLine(char const*, bool, int*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TRint::ProcessLineNr(char const*, char const*, int*) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TRint::HandleTermInput() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TTermInputHandler::Notify() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TTermInputHandler::ReadNotify() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TUnixSystem::CheckDescriptors() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TMacOSXSystem::DispatchOneEvent(bool) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TSystem::InnerLoop() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TSystem::Run() (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TApplication::Run(bool) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/lib/] TRint::Run(bool) (no debug info)
[/Users/audrey/root-build/bin/root.exe] main (no debug info)
[/usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib] start (no debug info)
[] (no debug info)

Any help would be appreciated!


  • AM

Dear AudreyM,

Could you please explain exactly what you are doing? Are you referring to the test/hworld.cxx code?

G Ganis

Hi G Ganis,

I was trying to run the hello.cxx code.
After installing ROOT I go to the test folder and type ‘root’. Then type the commands:

root [0] gSystem->Load(“Hello”)
(int) 0
root [1] Hello h
(Hello &) Name: Hello Title: animated text with cool wave effect
root [2] .q

And after these commands, I get the ‘Fatal’ warning.

I thought it had something to do with XCode, so have been trying to recompile ROOT with xcodebuild, but there are other issues with that.

Thanks so much,

  • AM

Dear Audrey,

the hello.cxx code under test contains a main function and it is supposed to be run in standalone, not in a root shell, i.e.

 $ cd test
 $ make hworld
 $ ./hworld

Could you check if the above is working? You should get a canvas with Hello World and an instruction to quit.

G Ganis

G Ganis,

Yes, it works if I use the commands you provide.

So, the reason ROOT failed before is because I didn’t run the test correctly?

Thank you,

  • AM

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