Trouble while installing Root

I’m Dhruv , a second year computer engineering student and am currently new to open source. I am interested in machine learning and Data Science. I have started exploring Root .
While trying to install Root I got stuck while building it. When I am trying to use
make-j4 (using ubuntu) the process gets halted at 64% . After waiting for some time I encountered these errors

errors.txt (15.9 KB)
Can anyone please help me?
Thank you!

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Welcome to the ROOT Forum! Why do you want to build from source? We provide binaries for most platforms. See Release 62804 - ROOT and Installing ROOT - ROOT
See also Cern root v6.26.00 installation in ubuntu 22.0 - #5 by vpadulan

Yes , It worked …Thanks a ton for answering to this silly doubt :grimacing:! . Looking forward to explore the codebase further and becoming a contributor to Root