Trouble creating Jira report

I’m trying to create a jira bug report (I work on the Intel compiler and there’s a compilation problem due to conditional compilation specific to Intel compiler)

I got a lightweight login, and create the record, but I cannot submit because “Reporter” field is not filled in. But there is no Reporter field displayed so I cannot fill it in.

Any tips on this? I also cannot read the jira documentation for root, web link not found:

Thanks and regards, Melanie Blower

We had recently some spontaneous changes in the JIRA configuration. Did you login to JIRA? If you send me your e-mail that you use for the lightweight account I can try to see if I can add you as user.
From where (which page) did you get the link ?

Thank you. I sent you a private email mato

I don’t remember where I saw the drupal url (sorry)

Thank you, I received the JIRA invitation and followed the link to create a jira account, and I signed in to jira, however I cannot create a bug report because I’m not a member of “root”. Can you explain the procedure to be added? Thanks and regards, Melanie Blower

Thanks for your patience. I am debugging was is going wrong. I see now two accounts from you. One of them was not in the ‘jira-users’ group. I have done a manual operation and now it is. Can you try again.