Trouble compiling ROOT with Visual C++ 10

Hello all,
I’ve not been able to successfully compile ROOT 5.27/04 or 5.26/00 with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (VC10). There are errors during compile time - notably errors #1 and #2 mentioned on this MSDN blog article.

I was wondering if anyone else had run into the same issue. I see that there are only Windows binaries for VC8 and VC9 - is ROOT not intended to compile on VC10?

Thanks in advance,
Steven Ning

This is the known issue: … m_id=67858

I have observed that some example routines in the ROOT tutorial cause ROOT to crash. I am using 5.26 binaries and I have VC++ 2010 Express installed (under Windows 7). I also suspect that VC++ 2010 does not work with VC++ 9 binaries.



we know that the VC98 binaries are incompatible with VC10: Microsoft has (again!) completely changed their STL implementation: e.g. a MSVC2008 std::vector is very different from a MSVC2010 std::vector. Your code built with MSVC2010 that e.g. passes a vector to a MSVC2008-compiled function will - from that function’s point of view - pass binary garbage. You have to build the MSVC2010 version of ROOT from source yourself, or you install MSVC2008.

Cheers, Axel.