Trouble compiling root with RedHat Linux 9.0

I’ve been trying to get either root-v4.04.02f or root_v5.02.00 to compile in RedHat Linux 9.0 and I was wondering if anyone out there might have an idea why I’m having difficulties. I’ve been following the procedure outlined in the Install/Readme regarding compiling ROOT for RH, which seems pretty straight forward.

The compile is complaining about the following files not found (when compiling root-v4.04.02f )


I tried disabling xrootd in the compile, but that only made things worse.

Are there some libraries missing, or what?

Thanks for any advice.

Robert Engelhardt
Assistant Professor of Physics
Tennessee Technological University

Which version of gcc are you using?
I do not see any problems under RH9 and gcc3.2.3.
In case you have a newest version of gcc, I sugest to check out
the CVS head, then
-run ./configure with your options
-make distclean

If you still have a problem, please post
-the result of configure
-the full output of the make process


Thanks for the quick response.

It turns out that the RH9.0 standard install uses gcc-3.2.2-5. Do you believe that this is the problem?

I’ll try compiling gcc-3.2.3 and see if that helps.

This version of gcc should be OK.
Proceed as requested in my previous post.


Thanks Rene for the help. I was able to get root-v4.04.02f to compile by following part of your instructions. For whatever reason, however, following the redhat specific suggestions were not successful (as I mentioned earlier).