TRobustEstimator test

Hello to all

I’m new to this forum and generally to ROOT framework.
I need to test TRobustEstimator. Is there any sample code/project for this?
I’m trying to build an example of mine but I’m getting some resolved externals like:

“public: __thiscall TVersionCheck::TVersionCheck(int)” (??0TVersionCheck@@QAE@H@Z)
“public: static void * __cdecl TStorage::ObjectAlloc(unsigned int)” (?ObjectAlloc@TStorage@@SAPAXI@Z)
“public: __thiscall TRobustEstimator::TRobustEstimator(void)” (??0TRobustEstimator@@QAE@XZ)
“public: static void __cdecl TObject::operator delete(void *)” (??3TObject@@SAXPAX@Z)

What are the necessary libs to be linked with?

Thank you in advance

The library is You can either use root-config --libs in you link command or even better use the following instructions to build your project with CMake. … ject-cmake