TRobustEstimator original data

Hello to all.

I’m testing TRobustEstimator class. I managed to add some data and after calling Evaluate() method I get the array with outlier indexes.
My question is how to use them to access the TMatrixD fData member of TRobustEstimator class (which contains the original data). Compiler does not allow the access to fData because it is declared protected.

Thank you in advance


Normally as the user is giving as input the data to the TRobustEstimator class, he is having them, so it should be possible to him to re-build the data matrix if needed. There is no way currently to retrieve the data from
the class.

However, for user convenience, I agree that a const method returning a const reference to the contained fData matrix could be useful. If you need, I can add such method.

Best Regards