TRobustEstimator bug report

I currently use the Windows Visual Studio 2010 root_v5.34.36.win32.vc10 release but after many tests, I believe that the TRobustEstimator behaviour is buggy.

For example, when adding as input file testTRobustEstimator3_columns_specific.txt (282 Bytes)

after Evaluate() I take some error messages like:
“Error in TDecompLU::DecomposeLUCrout: matrix is singular”

and the printout of GetMean() is totally wrong:
0 |2.28571
1 |4.28571
2 |6.28571

Am I doing anything wrong? I attach the code I have written to do this test:
code.txt (1.74 KB)

I tested it also as a C++ ROOTbook and I took the same results (just to exclude the case of something wrong with my local ROOT installation)

Thank you in advance