I’m using Root 3.10/02 and since the uprade at CERN to CASTOR2 I can’t access my data via a TRFIOFile object. The connection hangs (one job has been waiting for a file for ~24 hours). I can rfcp the files locally fine (including the one thats been staging for the last day), but doing this is really not efficient - I have a few thousand large root files.
Moving to a newer version of root will mean changing version of analysis software and rerunning the jobs used to create the previously mentioned files - eg. starting again.
Is it possible to use the old TRFIOFile implementation with CASTOR2? Have I just missed something? What version of root will access CASTOR2 files?

Hi Simon,

the latest development release will correctly access files from Castor2. There is currently no intention to backport the Castor 2 changes in the ROOT v3.

Cheers, Fons.