TRefTable & TBranchRef

Hello ROOTers,

I’ve read about these new classes in the latest RooT release notes. Does it mean that references are now working automatically when using TTree::Draw() or TTree::Scan()? This would be great.


Hi Oliver,

TRefTable/TBranchRef do not work yet with TTree::Draw.
Our plan is to get this working before the production release this fall.
Currently, if you have a member
TRef myref;
doing myref.GetObject() will automatically take care of loading
the branch(es) referenced, ie the bulk of the work is done, but we still
have to implement the feature from TTree::Draw.

Also note that the current TBranchRef/TRefTable works only within one Tree. The system is being generalized such that a TRef will be able to load
automatically a branch from another Tree in another file.