TRefArrays not working in Event.cxx example?


When I try to look at the TRefArrays fHighPt and fMuons output from the unmodified Event.cxx example from the $ROOTSYS/test area with the object Browser I see they are zero. When I try to access them in my code based on that example I see that the pointers are all zero.

What is the correct way to reference, say px, of a track pointed to by fHighPt?

Is the filling method in Event.cxx correct?



[quote]Is the filling method in Event.cxx correct? [/quote]Yes it is. However the autoloading of branches for TRefArray was implemented only in ROOT 4.03/04. For older version you need to explicitly load the branch containing the referenced objects.
Also the TBrowser will not actually should anything useful for TRefArrays since TTree::Draw does it yet automatically drilling into them.