TreeViewer feature requests


I have been using the treeviewer a lot recently and I have a few requests for the future. I hope this is the correct place to make such requests.

[li] When I save the session it always saves it as the same thing “treeviewer.C”. Why no prompt for the name?[/li]
[li] When I right click to “edit expression”, the window is always way too small… and I always have to make it bigger to begin to see my cuts. Perhaps my branch names are too lengthy… It would be nice if I could give it a default size to open up to. Or better yet, place a very long text entry across the top of the window (maybe spanning the length under “Command”,“Option”,and “Histogram”) which displays the currently highlighted expression for immediate editing/viewing. Avoid the pop-up window altogether. :slight_smile: [/li]
[li] When I do a graphical cut, why not pop-up a window when it is completed (closed) and ask me to name it; then add it to my list of treeviewer expressions. That would be slick! [/li]
[li] Sometimes I want to drag the current cut (which I have uniquely edited) into an expression to keep around… But I instead have to copy and paste… which sometimes works…[/li][/ul]

If anyone has solutions to these, I would love to hear them.

Thank you for listening and have a nice day!


Hi Whit,

Sorry for the late answer. I will take a look and see what can be done.

Cheers, Bertrand.