Tree with LorentzVector and PseudoJet Class of FastJet

Dear rooters,

I was trying to store vector<TLorentzVector> or vector<ROOT::Math::XYZTVector> in the branch of a TTree.

I was trying to follow the example root/tutorials/math/mathcoreVectorIO.C and
root/tutorials/math/mathcoreVectorCollection.C scripts.

Apart from that I am also trying to put vector in the TTree branch, where PseudoJet is a basic class of fastjet package.

Now both the example codes are run using ACliC. I am doing things in a .cc file and compiling using a Makefile. My code is compiling fine with the TLorentzVector in the branch, but when I am running its showing:
Please generate the dictionary for this class (vector).

Using the command : gInterpreter->GenerateDictionary(“vector”,“TLorentzVector.h;vector”);
I have generated the files AutoDict_vector_TLorentzVector_.cxx, AutoDict_vector_TLorentzVector__cxx.d, . Can you please tell me how I am going to use these files in Makefile while compiling the code.

Sincerely Sanmay.

Hi Sanmay,

You need to generate a dictionary (via rootcint) and a linkdef file like:[code]#ifdef MAKECING
#pragma link C++ class vector+;
#endif[code]. You will then compile this dictionary and link it into your library.


Ps you may want to re-read the user guide chaper on adding you class.