Tree Viewer gives corrupted Leaf names

I’ve been having trouble using the tree viewer to plot a leaf. The viewer lists the correct number of leaves, but those that are arrays are listed with the wrong leaf names, they appear as a string of random characters. This behavior is not reproduced in the TBrowser. The issue is that when double clicking one of these leaves I get an error do to attempting to draw a leaf with the incorrect leaf name. Drawing the leaf by typing at the prompt works correctly and double clicking in the TBrowser also works correctly.

I have attached a simple root file with a tree with one entry.
test.root (6.54 KB)

Check the version of your ROOT. A bug like you describe has been fixed some time ago … in the trunk (rev. 43728) and in 5.32 patches (rev. 43729) but it has NOT been fixed in 5.30 patches … see [url]Array name can not be shown correctly in TreeViewer and [url]Array of a custom class not recognized by TTree

I am using 5.32/02 and I still see this bug. I’ve attached a screenshot of the previous tree displayed in the tree viewer.


It was fixed in 5.32 patches, not in 5.32.02
But 5.32.03 will be released in a few minutes…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Done. And I just verified: it works :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bertrand.


I’ll download it and compile it tonight.