Tree question

Hi ROOTers
I am getting into trees and I have a quick question. Using the tree viewer, I know it is possible to plot to leave against each other by setting the x and y axis and calling the drawing command. For example I have two leaves, det1Signal vs det2signal. I wonder if it is possible to do a bit of customization as data normalization. I would like to plot

det1(det1+det2) vs. det2(det1+det2)

Could I do something like this? Or maybe I will have to write my own scrip?

Thank you,


you could simply use the prompt for that: suppose you have a TTree* tree:

should do what you want.

Cheers, Axel.

You see, I dont think it will work exactly as I wanted. I was considering in using the three viewer to be able to customize my analysis. I am using c++, and I am thinking your solution will be for running ROOT in bach mode? I like the tree viewer because I can do analysis dynamically plus I want to apply cuts at the same time.

I am just curious to know if I could define something like this in the tree viewer:


I have my own GUI and I could also do something similar there but why to do that if I could use the tree viewer. At the end, a final solution will be to saved the three and create a script analysis session in root. This is all thinking in progress for me right now.

Thanks for your idea.

Never mind… I did some testing and the tree viewer works as I wanted.