Tree index

A greeting to all you rooters.

I’ve a tree with its index stored in a ROOT file.
Loading it within ROOT (root.exe) index is correctly loaded; while in my (g++ compiled) program it’s not loaded at all. While my problem is with a complete TObject-derived class, I send you a simple test.

Compile (my compilation command is on line 3 or such) and execute them like:

IndexTestMk FileName.root TreeName
IndexTest FileName.root TreeName

I notice that fTreeIndex is NULL, and in my tests ROOT notices this also.
Loading FileName.root with root.exe and dumping loaded tree should give a correct pointer.
I tested this with g++ 3.2.2 on a RedHat 9; the problem is present in ROOT 4.00/08 while version 4.00/06 works fine (maybe it does not use TVirtualIndex?).

IndexTest.cpp (1.19 KB)
IndexTestMk.cpp (1.86 KB)

Add library libTreePlayer to your link command

g++ -g IndexTest.cpp -Iroot-config --incdir --libs -lTreePlayer -o IndexTest


I had to link too with it, and now it works well.
Thank you!