Tree-> Fill() with a huge amount of data

Hello every body,

I’m sorry to bother you with always the same program… But it seem to love creating bugs …

So, For the moment I’m working on a program to convert dat from a specific format to a root tree…
To do such a transformation I use buffers of events with a definite size… I work a little on these buffers and then I read them with making a Tree -> Fill()

[code]for(int ll = 0; ll < buffersize; ll++)
index = buffer_idx[ll];
marker = buffer_marker[ll];
enrj = buffer_enrj[ll];
tm = buffer_tm[ll];

		      int test = oak -> Fill();


So if my buffer size is between 100.000 and 300.000 events everythings works well… With bigger buffers I overflow the memory (and its natural)

But (and that that’s the most beautiful part) if my buffer size is : 10.000 events my program is unable to make this Tree-Fill()

Do you see any obvious reason?

Thank you for your response

Please provide more information about what you are doing
-how you have craeted teh TTree?
-send the result of TTree::Print


I’ve found the solution…

A segmentation fault was the origin of this issue. :confused:

Now I just wonder why the message was not : Segmentation fault instead of an issue with tree -> fill()