TRatioPlot in a Canvas.Divide() environment

Dear experts,
I am trying to use the nice TRatioPlot features but i am struggling to have a setup for which i populate each PAD out of a Canvas.Divide() with the outcome of TRatio Plot.
Is this possible or better i wrote my own version of it?
Thanks in advance


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Just trying, it works out of the box.

import ROOT as r

fLPT = r.TFile("data_RK-MM-11-L0I-inclusive.root")

hLPT = fLPT.Get("hist_0")
fMC = r.TFile("mc_RK-MM-11-L0I-inclusive.root")

hMC = fMC.Get("PID-L0-HLT-BDT-BKIN-fromLOI/hist_0")
# hMC.SumW2(r.kTrue)
c = r.TCanvas("c1", "A ratio example");
ratio = r.TRatioPlot( hMC, hLPT, "diffsig" )
ratio2= r.TRatioPlot( hMC, hLPT, "diffsig" )
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