TrackHeed TransportDeltaElectron

Hi experts, me again!
I want to know what I get when I run fTrackHeed- > TransportDeltaElectron and then fTrackHeed- > GetElectron ( ).The UserGuide says it’s the information of the “conduction” electron. Does it make sense to pass this information to GasBoxHit?Here are the codes.

if(particleName == "e-"){
        G4AutoLock lock(&aMutex);
        fTrackHeed->TransportDeltaElectron(x_cm, y_cm, z_cm, t, eKin_eV, dx, dy,dz, nc, ni);
        G4AutoLock lock(&aMutex);
        fTrackHeed->TransportPhoton(x_cm, y_cm, z_cm, t, eKin_eV, dx, dy,dz, nc);
    for (int cl = 0; cl < nc; cl++) {
        double xe, ye, ze, te;
        double ee, dxe, dye, dze;
        fTrackHeed->GetElectron(cl, xe, ye, ze, te, ee, dxe, dye, dze);
        GasBoxHit* gbh = new GasBoxHit();
        if(G4VVisManager::GetConcreteInstance() && cl % 100 == 0)


I’m afraid I don’t know what’s a GasBoxHit but yes, the coordinates you get when calling GetElectron after TransportDeltaElectron are those of the low-energy (kinetic energy below the ionisation potential of the gas) electrons produced in the ionisation cascade of a delta electron.

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