TQtWidget and more generally TQt* files


I just installed ROOT for a Windows machine (I am not a Windows user).
I took the 5.25/02 version MSI for VC++9 (and it works fine I guess).
In this version I didn’t find in the include folder TQtWidget.h files (and more generally all the TQt* files that I have under my Mac machine )
Do you have an idea what I am doing wrong ?:roll:
by advance thank you

Hi Olivier,

QtRoot is not officially supported on Windows. For a working version of Root + Qt on Windows, you can take a look there: root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/QtRoot.html
Hope this helps.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bertrand,

thank you for your answer, I will follow the link you sent .
Have a good weekend

See root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/How2Install4Unix.html
and click root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/downloads/root.5.24.00.exe to download and install