TProofChain::Process not implemented


I have a request concerning the method:
Long64_t TProofChain::Process(TSelector *selector,Option_t *option, Long64_t nentries, Long64_t firstentry)

This methods is not implemented yet and I found that other people reported this problem in the past years (!)
Nevertheless the method is still not implemented, even if it would be very useful to initialize a TSelector before running it in PROOF.
The equivalent method TChain::Process(TSelector *selector …) IS implemented, making this functionality even more desirable to have code that is transparent to Local/PROOF running.

In my use case, I have to initialize a quite long number of variables of the class in the main before running on PROOF.
So far, the only workaround I found is to pass them with proof::AddInput(), which is a complicated solution to initialize variables of a class.

Can the TProofChain::Process(TSelector *selector,Option_t *option, Long64_t nentries, Long64_t firstentry) be implemented?
Is there any other solution/workaround that is simpler than passing by the proof Input TList?


The implementation of this functionality is already in our todo list, and most likely it will start to appear with the 5.31 development cycle.
Such a method requires streaming of the selector. This was not always possible in a solid way until the automation of the StreamerInfo sending over sockets, which happened not long ago.

There are no workaorunds. Even passing in the input list will not help much, since PROOF will not pick-it up from the input list on workers.

G. Ganis