TProof::Process, TFileCollection and SetDefaultMetaData


do you confirm that (as specified on the TProof::Process documentation), if I have an input file with multiple TTrees and I want to process with PROOFand a TSelector a single tree, the recommendation is to do

proof = TProof::Open(connection_string);
list = new TFileCollection("list_nominal", "nominal", "list_nominal.txt");
proof->Process(list, "NtupleReader.C+", "nominal");


I am asking since what I see is that this does not work, i.e. a TDset is fed to PROOF but uses the first tree found in the TFileCollection.

I also tried with SetDefaultTreeName with no success.


Sorry for the late reply.
I usually register TFileCollections as datasets and then SetDefaultTreeName works for sure.
But it should also work in he way you did.
I will try to reproduce the problem and debug it.
Which version was this with?

G. Ganis

Many thanks! it was ROOT 5.34/14 (v5-34-14@v5-34-14, Dec 16 2013, 12:23:58 on linuxx8664gcc)