TProof Merging - Avoid using tmp

Hi All,

I am doing some TTree merging using TProof and I see these sort of messages:

TFile::Init:0: RuntimeWarning: file /tmp/gonzales/ROOTMERGE-c1f06a98-6913-11ea-aded-1f63b8bcbeef.root probably not closed, trying to recover
TFile::Init:0: RuntimeWarning: no keys recovered, file has been made a Zombie
Error in <TFileMerger::AddFile>: cannot open local copy file:/tmp/gonzales/ROOTMERGE-c1f06a98-6913-11ea-aded-1f63b8bcbeef.root of URL file:///afs/

I think the problem is that during the merging the size of the files gets too large and the tmp folder has no disk space left. Is there a way to set TProof to avoid using the tmp folder? I tried with this:

gEnv->SetEnv("Proof.Sandbox", "xxx" );

But I get “error: no member named ‘SetEnv’ in ‘TEnv’”

Is there a way to set the folder where TProof will do the processing?


Can you try with gEnv->SetValue?

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