TProfile question

I was doing some 2D plots using the StartViewer() to plot some contents. I had set the Option on the StartViewer() as “PROF” to get a profile view of some x-y values. Anyway, I wanted to get an exact value reading of some of the points it plotted and I had turned on this “ToolTip Info” from the canvas View options, so that as I slide my mouse over the points, it would show me the values of the points. So here was some of the info it showed for a few of the points I looked at that I have some questions on:

point 1: (x=7.48707, y=1.23237, binx=8, binc=1.23726, bine=0.00348, binn=116926)
point 2: (x=5.45043, y=1.62365, binx=6, binc=1.63096, bine=0.01218, binn=86518)
point 3: (x=3.46228, y=2.02077, binx=4, binc=2.01678, bine=0.01643, binn=83984)

So I take it the x, y values are the actually location of the points in the graph. And I"m guessing the bine is the error associated of the mean of the distribution of the points that fell on that given x bin. If this is suppose to be a TProfile plot, the y values should be the mean of the points that fell into the x bin. But what is binc and binx? I’m particularly interested in binc, in that its value is always relatively close to y.

I ask this because when I calculated the mean of the points in each bin, the mean matched exactly to binc value but never to the y value (though it seems that the binc is always relatively close to the y value but never equal to the y value). Shouldn’t the y value reflect the mean value, if this is a profile plot?

I tried to look in the manual to see if it noted what the values I’m inquiring about is, but couldn’t find any. So I figured, I’d ask someone here. :smiley: