TProfile error bar when only one entry

___I have a simple question. I vaguely remember that at least in the past there was an option to display and/or use in a fit sqrt(bin_content) as errors for TProfile bins with only one entry. Did I remember correctly but this option is no more there in root 6, is it still there and it’s me who is not able to find it in the documentation or has it never been there and I am just dreaming?

            Thanks in advance


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You can compare ROOT 5.34 TProfile::BuildOptions and ROOT 6.14 TProfile::BuildOptions.

Thanks, but it looks like it is confirmed that there is no option to display (and use in a fit) sqrt(Y) as error when N=1. Wasn’t that possible in the past?

I think I found it: it was as I remembered in 5.22:
It looks like it was considered not to be the right thing to do (and likely I can get the same behaviour by using SetBinError).

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