TProfile Draw Options

Hi, I’m referring to to try to draw a useful TProfile. I do not want to display the X-axis error bars (which are actually just the width of the bins), but the “X0” option is not working. Indeed many of the drawing options like “BAR” and “B” seem to have no effect. Some example code to demonstrate:

[code]import ROOT,os
ROOT.gROOT.Macro( os.path.expanduser( ‘~/Macros/rootlogon.C’ ) )
p = ROOT.TProfile(‘p’,‘p’,100,0,100)
import random
for i in range(10000):
x = random.random()


I couldn’t find a good summary of what the drawing options mean for a TProfile. TProfiles inherit from TH1D, so I figured they’d support the same options. Any suggestions?

Despite still behaving confusingly, I found the problem in my simple example, the “X0” option must be set concurrently with an “E#” option like “EX0” or “E2X0”.