TProfile difference - Double posted by accident

Hi - I’m using 3.04/02, and I’m getting some weird behavior with TProfile differences. Here are the first 4 bins of the two profile I’m interested in:

Profile 1:

fSumw[0]=0, x=-0.01, error=0
fSumw[1]=0.0174158, x=0.01, error=0.18656
fSumw[2]=0.0379317, x=0.03, error=0.212517
fSumw[3]=0.0453211, x=0.05, error=0.222296

Profile 2:

fSumw[0]=0, x=-0.01, error=0
fSumw[1]=-0.0114962, x=0.01, error=0.17514
fSumw[2]=-0.0259837, x=0.03, error=0.202009
fSumw[3]=-0.0186472, x=0.05, error=0.201939

Now, take a difference by cloning profile 1, then performing an Add(Profile2,-1) on it. Here are the contents:

fSumw[0]=0, x=-0.01, error=0
fSumw[1]=0.0151726, x=0.01, error=0.198862
fSumw[2]=0.0305597, x=0.03, error=0.207541
fSumw[3]=0.0332744, x=0.05, error=0.204701

Also, take difference by creating a new TProfile with the same binning, then performing an Add(Profile1,Profile2,1,-1). Here are the contents:

fSumw[0]=0, x=-0.01, error=0
fSumw[1]=0.0137598, x=0.01, error=0.00682304
fSumw[2]=0.0305426, x=0.03, error=0.00776455
fSumw[3]=0.0285443, x=0.05, error=0.00816033

As you can see, the two difference profiles are different in their contents, and also neither of the contents have values which I understand. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks.

I cannot reproduce this problem.

Could you send a short script and test it
with a more recent version?