TProfile and Errors

Hi, I’m a first year physics student at university of Insubria, Como, Italy. It’s a few time I use Root for LabI, and I have a little problem with TProfile.
I created a TProfile that correctly show RMS and Error for each bin. The error, however, is incorrect because my instrument was very precise but I have other errors that must be spread. For this reason I need to modify my Tprofile adding custom errors. I tried with TProfile::SetBinError, but it doesn’t work as I want… Simply I need to set error of bin x to err_x.
(I tried in this way: mytprofile->SetBinError(x,err_x)
Luca Rizzi

It is not clear why you want to use a TProfile instead of a simple TH1F.
Could you give a concrete/short/running example showing what you want to do?


Thanks anyway, I already solved my trouble. It is better in this case to use a TH1. Thanks again