TPolyLine3d (or TPolyMarker3D) with weights?

Since I don’t want to start a new thread…

Is there any way to draw a PolyLine or a PolyMarker with weights? The idea is to draw a track with colours in function of the energy at each point. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, I read some other post and I think I found how to do this. Great.


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Hi, I’m trying to make a GUI to plot some tree info on a 3D histogram.You can find the code I’ve been using attached. I would like to keep the histo in memory in order to be able to get the XYZ projections when I want without having to re-fill the histo. I’ve declared the histogram as a private variable of the Main Frame and I fill it in a function called Load. Once I do this I use an additional function to Draw the histogram (MyMainFrame::Draw) but the histo seems to be empty in this function while in the Load one is filled correctly.

This is what is printed on the terminal:

(x,y,z,E) = (4.30044,-44.3978,88,2200.76)
entries 1 : 1
(x,y,z,E) = (5.71454,-46.2876,93,5882.14)
entries 1 : 2
(x,y,z,E) = (5.70552,-35.9314,98,876.354)
entries 1 : 3
(x,y,z,E) = (-22.2579,-33.4591,103,44.9193)
entries 1 : 4
entries 2 : 4
entries 3: 6.93948e-310 (This is the cout of the Draw function.)

I don’t exactly know why is this happening, any clue? Thanks in advance!

visualizationV1_5.C (9.16 KB)

Right after the line “h_xyz = new TH3F(…);” try to add “h_xyz->SetDirectory(gROOT);” (and “#include <TROOT.h>” in the beginning).

This solved it, I really appreciate it! Thank you!