TPaveText AddText to Top of Box


I have two fits (to TProfiles), I want to plot them overlayed with their fits and show the fits stats for both fits.

I grab the fit boxes with,

then move them so they’re not on top of each other.

Now, I’d like to add a title to the fit box. I cannot figure out how to do this. Using,
stats->AddText(“title”) puts my new text on the bottom. I’ve tried every AddText(x, y, “title”), and the new text never ends up anyway but on the bottom. Perhaps, I just don’t understand the AddText(x, y, “title”) function well. Anyway, I can get the text on the top?

I’ve tried the stats->SetLabel(). This puts my title on top but in it’s own box with a shadow.

Any help here, I’ve looked around forever for an answer for this. Sorry if it’s something obvious.

Could you post a very short running script reproducing your problem?



Thanks for the response. You know, I realized I can do this with

then use the histogram name for my title. Thanks though.

I still don’t really understand the TPaveText::AddText(double, double, char*). No matter what I put in for x, y the text ends up on the bottom. I do have my plots looking like I’d like.

Thanks again,