Hello, I want the User to click in a Canvas before I clean up my class’ resources. Therefore I wrote the following code:

~TMyClassImpl() { if (leaveopen_) { try { auto_ptr<TCanvas> clickme ( new TCanvas("clickme", "clickme", -200,200,300,140)); TText t(0.1,0.5,"Double click or press a key."); t.Draw(); clickme->cd(); clickme->WaitPrimitive(); } } catch (...) {} } /* clean up resources */ }

The program did not wait for the clicks so I put in the example code from … tPrimitive
getting the following output:

Loop i=30, found objIsA=TText, name= - over 50 times. Is there a way to get WaitPrimitive() to ignore the former Insertion of the TText and wait for the double-click or pressed key as intended? (I am using root 5.14)

You problably need to add

clickme->Update();just after the Draw.