TPad::Print() to jpg,tiff,png prints overlaid windows too!

Dear ROOT dudes,

I recently noticed that when I use TCanvas::Print, and specify a jpg, tiff, or png as output, I will get any windows that happen to be overlaid on the canvas in the same printout. This is rather annoying as I just want to have the canvas and not some sort of screen shot.
I attach an example of this behaviour (in jpg). The problem occurs for jpg, tiff, png, but not for gif, ps, eps,…
Can anyone tell me whether this is a feature or a bug?
(In my view, consistent behaviour between gif and jpg would be desirable…)



This problem should be fixed in the pro version 5.14.
Very likely you are using an older version.


Correct - I’m in 5.10.00.
(Terribly sorry for not specifying the version in the original post… I know you don’t like that!!)