Tool for automatic ROOT header finding

I was reading over the slides for the ROOT 7 talk and I had an idea that might be nice:

Is there a way to make a tool that allows users to just use ROOT classes that they already know about and the tool automatically inserts the appropriate #includes, or at least tells the user which headers need to be included?

What would this tool look like? For code loaded via the interpreter, it would be part of that mechanism, but for code that the user compiles by linking against ROOT, maybe we could have a thin wrapper for gcc/clang that know about ROOT? Or just a script that the user can add to their Makefiles that checks for missing ROOT headers.

While we’re at it, this tool could also warn about unnecessary includes, which seem to bloat my ROOT code quite a bit while I’m developing it.

Hi JF,

Sounds like a nice idea for a student project! Added to the list :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

Cheers, Axel.