this is a naive question though. i create a set of TLorentzVector objects and i am wondering whether there is some ROOT global parameter which can automatically generate an unique identifier for each of these objects.
so far, by “hand”, i do:
TUUID* m_UUID = new TUUID();
TLorentzVector* v1 = new TLorentzVector(x,y,z,e);
TLorentzVector* v2 = new TLorentzVector(x,y,z,e);

unsigned int uuid = m_UUID->>GetUUIDNumber();

is there an option/switch, which if i create a TObject, automatically associates an UUID to it?
thanks for your help, nabil

No, we do not have an automatic way to set the uuid.
The TObject uniqueID is in general automatically set when referencing an object via TRef.