TObjArray of a class of objects that inherts from TObjArray


I have a design question…but for completeness…I’ll point out that we’re using ROOT 4.02.00 on RedHat Enterprise 3.

We have a class that contains a TObjArray of objects, of type TkrTrack. Recently, TkrTrack’s class was updated so that it now inherits from TObjArray so it can more cleanly contain a list of hits.

Recently, in CINT I’ve hit on some snags with our new version of our classes. Specifically, segmentation faults when accessing that TObjArray of TkrTracks - typically when the TObjArray is empty actually - but even doing something like calling GetEntries( ) can cause troubles…or seemingly so. I realize this may be indictative of larger problems…but I am wondering is there anything inherently bad about have a TObjArray of objects that inherits from TObjArray?


Hi Heather,

Using TObjArray is perfectly OK for what you describe.
To make progress we will need a simple script