To find out the variables declared in an interactive session

In ROOT environment, how can one find out the the list variables that are either formally declared or automatically assigned by the CINT extension?


root[1] a=10 (cint extension)
warning: Automatic variale a is allocated (tmpfile):1:

root[2] Int_t X=20 (formal declaration)

I may do this a number of times using a variety of variables in an interactive session. Unless I note them down, I will forget what I have declared or used.

How can one find out the list of user variables in memory?
Also, what is “tmpfile:1:” in the warning message given above?


Depends what is your purpose :slight_smile:. To ‘see’ the list of globals variable simply use the .g CINT command. You can even pipe it to a file:root [] .g > myglobals

[quote]Also, what is “tmpfile:1:” in the warning message given above?[/quote]It refers to the temporary file that is created (on your behalf) by CINT to execute the command line.


Thank Philippe

list of globals

Variables declared by user during interative session are at end of the list.

type “cont” takes you to end of list quickly.