To execute root command with CONDOR

Hi, all

I am trying to execute ROOT command with CONDOR.
I have made do well ROOT executed file and then the file execute though the shell script.

For example,

echo -ne $(root -l ‘’‘“filename.txt”’‘)’)

without CONDOR, just executing shell script is well.
But it is not worked in condor.

universe = vanilla
executable =
log = log/cut.log
output = log/cut.out
error = log/cut.err

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT


What is it needed?
Could you tell me about that?

This is the error code

/home/condor/dir_4352/condor_exec.exe: line 4: root: command not found

Condor doesn’t know where to find ROOT. You should talk to your supervisor / cluster admin / colleagues to find out which ROOT to use / where to find it on your condor cluster.

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