TMVA:X session terminated when plotting input variables (1a)


After training, test and evaluation of a boosted decision tree, when I plot the input variables (1a) my X session is terminated and I am logged out of my computing account.

However it is no problem for any of the other plots.

I have included all the files required to run it. I am running root 5.28 in a standard slc 5 environment at CERN.

Does someone have any idea what the problem could be?

Thank you,

E. Hidle
TMVATest.C (2.28 KB)
signal.root (260 KB)
background.root (29.5 KB)

Ok so I found the problem.

I am creating the TTree with Python.
When I was writing standard values to the TTree.

I used 0, and 0.0 to give values for integers and floats instead of int(0) and float(0.0).

I did not expect this to have sutch a huge effect, but it now works fine.


there should be no difference between those, unless somehow the address is taken behind the scenes.