TMVA PlotDecisionBoundary.C with custom variables

Dear users,

I am using PlotDecisionBoundary.C to plot decision boundaries for custom variables which I defined and then used to train a BDT.

As a concrete example to illustrate the problem, I used
factory->AddVariable( “var0 + var1”, “GeV”, ‘F’);
where var0 and var1 are branches of the tree used to train the BDT.

I encounter the problem when using the PlotDecisionBoundary.C file here:

// Set branch addresses.

as there is obviously no branch for var2 in the original tree, only for var0 and var1. Is there a simple workaround for this?

Thank you


I am not sure I have understood your problem, Which macro is PlotDecisionBoundary.C ? Is it maybe part of the standalone distribution but I don;t think is in the ROOT repository.

It is not clear also which error are you getting. Please port a reproducible example including the minimal data set

Thank you