TMVA output file; no StreamerInfo found in "file.root"

Hi TMVA experts,

I am creating a new ROOT file so that useful output information of the TMVA script can be stored on it. Nevertheless, once I finish to train, test, and evaluate all methods and try to open the root file that I create I get the following error,

no StreamerInfo found in LearningOutput.root, therefore, preventing schema evolution when reading this file

The script is being run on SWAN then I use scp to transfer the LearningOutput.root file to my local machine and i try to open the file from my command line (by going into new TBrowser). In my machine I am using ROOT 6.06/02.

Is there a way to solve my problem?



Dear Adrian,

Can you give some more details on the way you open the file and store the information in it?
Does the file contain anything? (What is its size?)

G Ganis

In addition to the question of @ganis, I would ask if you properly close the file at the end of the script (e.g. file->Close();).

If you could append a minimal script that reproduces the problem that would help.


Hi Ganis and Kim,

I was not properly closing my file. The problem was solved by applying file->Close() at the end of the evaluation (namely, after applying factory->EvaluateAllMethods())



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Hi! Glad you found a solution to your problem! If you would be so kind to mark the solution that would be appreciated!