TMVA MLP output x-axis values

Dear TMVA users,

I tried the TMVA MLP implementation to perform a regression task. If I plot the resulting distribution of the fitted parameter with

TestTree->Draw( “eta” )

the shape looks good but the x-axis range spans from 0 to about 8. Unfortunately, the “truth” distribution range is [-5, 5]. Is there any clean way to “shift back” the output so I can check the consistency of the two histograms e.g. with a KS test? I’m not sure that a simple loop would be enough, the x-range is calculated on the fly by ROOT when I call Draw.



This seems to me more a TTree question than a TMVA one. In TTree::Draw you can project in a pre-defined histogram a s following

TestTree->Draw( "eta >> h1(100,-5,5)" )

See “Saving the result of Draw to an histogram” in

Best Regards