TMVA KCuts save GUI from within Condor


I am running a TMVA Kcuts algorithm from within Condor and would like to save the TMVA GUI signal efficiency / purity curve, as I do not have access to manual use of the GUI. I have previously used BDT’s and know that i can save the cut efficiencies plot by calling:

TMVA::mvaeffs(“myRootFile.root”, kTRUE, “S/sqrt(S+B)” );

Is there such a function for the KCuts signal efficiency / purity plots that are accessible from the GUI at the end of training?



You should be able to plot the efficiency vs cut values for all the TMVA used method by doing:

TMVA::mvaeffs("dataset",“myRootFile.root”, nsignal, nbackground, kTRUE, “S/sqrt(S+B)” );